Ghinda Beauty Project: Jennifer Kessler…


The project all began with a conversation this winter that I had with Jennifer Kessler, owner and Creative Director at Ghinda. After a day at our downtown studio, we settled in to finish our neglected lattes from that morning’s meetings, and wistfully discussed the impact the fashion and beauty industries have on us all the time—be it on the day of your wedding, your first day at a new job, the last visit from your family—and how, unfortunately, the force that these industries have on our lives can sometimes take us away from ourselves. Our goal behind the Ghinda Beauty Project is to present a reminder to all women  that beauty—really, truly, and simply—isn’t on the outside only. It shows itself in your drive, your actions, what you do when you get out of bed in the morning. Beauty has many facets and we are delighted to shed light on them with you. Don’t get us wrong, we still love (love, love, love)  shopping and getting our eyebrows done, but we want to take time to highlight other awesome features, too; The women we’ll be interviewing may be entrepreneurs, brides-to-be, freelance artists, or just acquaintances who inspire us. No matter what, we can’t wait to share them doing their thing, their way with all of you.

Working for Jen at Ghinda for the last 10 months has taught me many things. Not only have I learned more about business, but I’ve seen firsthand how a positive outlook and kindness can totally enrich my every day life.  So, in honor of her recent birthday, and since a conversation with her got this whole thing started, I talked her into answering a few questions to kick things off for the Ghinda Beauty Project:


Donna: What does beauty mean to you?

Jen: Beauty is about being completely comfortable and free in your own skin. It seems like beauty is about knowing it’s not about what’s on the outside.  

Donna: What do you think has driven you to accomplish what you have at such a young age?

Jen: I have never considered anything else.

Donna: What do you think the secret to feeling beautiful in your own skin is?

Jen: Confidence that you are free and perfect in whatever way you choose to express yourself. 

Donna: You work with a lot of women–from interns to brides to photographers–There are negative stereotypes about women working together, how do you disprove them?

Jen: It’s about building each other up and being genuinely happy for another’s success.

Donna: Name three things that routinely inspire you.

Jen: Nature, artists, music

Donna: What are your best words of advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs regarding confidence? 

Jen: Just jump.

Donna: Do you think femininity is too often defined by appearance?

Jen: Absolutely.

Donna: What is the most important part of your work day (besides coffee!)?

Jen: My workout/run time when I get to be alone and rejuvenate.

Donna: Did you have any birthday wishes you want to share? 

Jen: Yes!! But if I told them they wouldn’t come true. 


Photo of Jen by Jennifer Schaaf of Jojo Photography and Film. Hair and makeup by Leigh Ann Ehmann of Make You LLC. Jewelry designed by Jamie Riley of White Truffle Studio. 

Watercolor logo created by Linzi Rigsby.

Interviewed by Donna Hoffman, Social Media and Event Coordinator at Ghinda Couture Bridal. 


Ghinda Beauty…



Our team is so excited to announce the kicking off of the Ghinda Beauty Project. We are thrilled to introduce this spotlight series which will highlight Columbus and the driven, beautiful, and always-amazing individual women and businesses that fuel our city and are an inspiration to us every day! Our upcoming interview series, as well as more information about this project will be posted here, so keep in touch!




Our  super pretty Ghinda Beauty logo was created by Linzi Rigsby. You can see more of her work right here!




Meet me in the center…


We very much appreciate the healthy, centered, and spiritual mindsets of so many of our friends, our brides, and the community that makes up Columbus. Your passions have inspired us to open up our downtown studio for all modes of good health; Yoga, meditation, pilates, reflection… If you or someone you know is interested in using our space to host a class, or if you just need a new space to ground yourself, please email for more information about time slots and availability! We look forward to continuing to grow our hearts, minds, and bodies with you!

Ghinda: Interview

Uploaded recently on Wedding Market’s video channel, this clip shares a little bit about designer Jennifer Kessler’s background and design aesthetic! The footage is from CMH Fashion Week.

I Do! I Do! I Do!

Just a few sneak peek photos of our photo shoot from last week! We cannot wait to share the final photos!!! Read more about the I Do! event, taking place at the High Line Car House in Columbus on February 22, 2014 here!




Thank you!:

Photography: Stephanie Barnes Photography and Raquib Ahmed

Hair/Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon

Models: Rachael Schmitt and Chelsea Burgin

Accessories: Jamie Riley/White Truffle Studio

Gowns: Ghinda


High on Inspirations…

We are collaborating on yet another AMAZING photo shoot next week and felt the desire to share some inspiration with you all! We are teaming up with some incredible local businesses and artists (which will be revealed shortly!) in honor of the I Do bridal event coming up in February.  We are thrilled to be a part of the event again this year and encourage you to check it out! In the meantime, we have some super beautiful grunge-inspired, yet super glamorous hair and makeup inspiration for you…



Walkin’ in a Ghinda Wonderland…

Yesterday, we held a magical little Holiday photo shoot in our studio! No sneak peeks from the shoot just yet, but our inspiration is super classic and beautiful:





We collaborated with The Blowout Bar for hairstyling, Lindsay of Cheek by Lindsay for makeup, Allison Bankieris was our model (she walked in our CMH Fashion Week show!) and Dana Pauly will be our fashion stylist–she writes the fashion blog The Casual Classic (check out her Instagram for some sneak peek behind-the-scenes!)

Thursday is for throwbacks…And being thankful, too!

As the playwright and novelist Thornton Wilder said: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” And we couldn’t agree more! Scientists have even proven that showing gratitude actually leads to better quality of life. And who doesn’t l-o-v-e that?!

So, in the spirit of thankfulness, here are some throwback Thursday images and memories for you all to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who was involved in any of these photo shoots…You all help build the dream, the beauty–and we couldn’t be more grateful. 



Model: Taylor
Photography: Nick Fancher, Shutter Think Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Beth Gibboney Seitz
Jewelry: Peace Love Bride




Model: Kristin Smetanko
Photography: Claire, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Jenna Burchett
Photo Direction: Katie Grace Kissel




Model: Erin Thacker
Photography: Claire Roeth, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Brittany Hilbert-Stout, Spa at River Ridge

Models: Jenn Rossi, Erin Thacker
Photography: Claire Roeth, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann Ehmann, Make You LLC
Hair: Brittany Hilbert-Stout, Spa at River Ridge
Photo Direction: Katie Grace Kissel


Models: Jenny Powell, Amy Crandall
Photography: Stephanie Tucker Barnes
Hair and Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon
Accessories: White Truffle Studio
Flowers: Eco Flora Designs
Locations: Virtue Vegan Salon, White Truffle Studio, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Models: Rachael, Erin
Photography: Jessica Price, Bella Valentina Photogrpahy
Hair and Makeup: Sarah, Virtue Vegan Salon
Accessories: White Truffle Studio


Models: Eileah Ohning, Bekah Winske
Photography: Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck, Jojo Photography and Film
Hair and Makeup: Jenna Burchett, Salon Lofts


Models: Jenny Powell, Erin Thacker, Morgan Kauser
Photography: Benjamin Derkin, Derk’s Works Photography
Hair and Makeup: Kelli, Beautimarked by Kelli / Brideface
Accessories: Juliet Carey, Maya’s Curls


Where There’s Smoke, There’s Blues…

When local talent Jordanne Renner approached Jen Kessler, head designer of Ghinda, about collaborating on an upcoming project, the rest of the Ghinda team held our breath in anticipation. The object was to work together to produce a gown for Jordanne to wear to the 2013 Wexner Gala here in Columbus, Ohio. The Wexner Gala celebrates the arts, as well as the supporters of them–both local and worldwide. Jordanne has been attending this celebration, which she calls the event of the year, since 2007. She says, “Since two years ago, where I made a cocktail dress out of newspaper, it has become thematic for me to create my dress…A basic cocktail dress simply isn’t enough.” 

Inspired by the current Wexner Center exhibition Blues For Smoke, Jen and Jordanne have worked together for the past few weeks creating what would be a true, living work of art. The two creatives built the bodice intensely–Jordanne said it “fit like a glove”–and proceeded to actually sculpt the skirt of the dress three times before settling on a final manifestation. 

Jordanne brought 9 yards of hand-painted muslin to the Ghinda studio to build with:




After the completion of the bodice came the sculpting of the skirt with muslin and tulle. Version 1:Image:

Version 2:



Version 3, final design:


From Jordanne Renner: “We drank bubbles, fell into the blues music…Oddly enough, without much conversation, Jen and I had similar vibes with our vision.  Jen’s ability to turn the rough and tumble and madness of the shapes I desired into a solid, elegant piece is sensational. She is one-of-a-kind, just as the dress is. The dress evoked the essence of two visions, two creatives coming together as one, the blues and all its varieties and somehow amidst all of this, it still rang true as a dress for me.”

From Jennifer Kessler: “It was such a refreshing and inspiring journey to collaborate with an artist whose vision was so unique and personal. Each part of the gown was created particularly to capture the rhythm and flow of the Blues and Smoke expedition. We wanted to sculpt a gown that complemented not only the entire event, but the art, and the artist herself!”

Many thanks and photo credit to the amazingly talented Jordanne Renner. To learn more about her experiences and work, please click here!


Here Are Your Options! (HAYO!)




Not long ago, before fall hit us here in the Midwest in all its’ damp glory, Nils Root of Hayo stopped in to our downtown studio to interview Jennifer Kessler, head designer and CEO of Ghinda, for their video site. Hayo explores many different career paths–from biochemical engineering to designing couture bridal–and develops these amazing, easy-to-digest, entertaining, and educational videos about said careers. 

I won’t say/write too much more as the videos truly speak for themselves…So please click the link below to see a little bit about Jen’s inspiration and workflow for Ghinda!!