Of Silk and Willow…

One of our most recent brides was in love the idea of a clean, simple, and classic aesthetic for her wedding. Working with a girl whose vision was so clear was soothing. But also in that clarity is the absolute need for perfection. The dress she chose from one of our Collections was beautiful and just what she had envisioned. The custom maxi skirts we designed for her bridesmaids were clean, soft, and flattering (and could totally be worn again! Wink!) One detail we lingered on for some time was what kind of sash to pair with her gown. We were on the hunt for ribbons and sashes to complete the look and may have found one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Silk and Willow.


Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Shellie Pomeroy has created a gorgeous line of silk ribbons and sashes using plant-based dyes which she sources from India, domestically, and locally. All of her imported dyes are fair trade and sustainably sourced and she even makes her ribbon spools from the fast-growing renewable Acacia tree. Not to mention all the materials she uses are biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. (Three qualities we love and appreciate from any small business!)

Of her inspiration and materials, Pomeroy says, “I am drawn to silk for it’s durability, softness, and drape. The tactile experience of silk is alluring, and the colors it radiates are breathtaking. Each of my ribbons is made with the intention of love and longevity, an heirloom piece that can be re-used for years.”

Please discover more at their website, Silk and Willow, and fall in love with the richness and natural beauty of her products like we did.

Plant Dyed Napkins {ASSORTED COLORS}

All images from http://www.silkandwillow.com

All About the Bridesmaids…

Above, Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids in 1956.

Above, Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids in 1956.

Although I am not yet married—No Rush, here!—I am honored to have been invited to 9 beautiful weddings as a young adult. (Three happened this summer alone!) I have been a bridesmaid in two and a maid of honor in one of those celebrations. I have girlfriends that tell me that they’re jealous because they’ve not yet experienced being a bridesmaid. Well, let me tell you, sisters, it’s no easy feat. It’s a serious once-in-a-lifetime event to dedicate all your positive vibes, thoughts, and most importantly, time to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the honor and privilege that it is to bare witness to loved ones on one of the most meaningful day of their lives. I’m actually kicking off our feature on bridesmaids by saying this: Enjoy it, soak it up, and learn from it.
Here are some fantastic reasons why:
Travel: Some couples decide to get married in their hometown while others decide to head to Napa or Mexico. The bachelorette party could be at Cedar Point or maybe even in Nashville. Regardless, as a bridesmaid you will probably have some travel in your future which typically means super rare hotel and flight perks from the bride-to-be! Not to mention, awesome intimate trips with a small group all for the same purpose. We love that!
Gifts: Let’s be honest…Every gal loves gifts. And although being a bridesmaid isn’t all about great swag, it’s still a perk! Your bride is going to want to say “thank you” in a beautiful way. And since she’s asked you to be a part of one of the biggest days of her life, it’ll probably be in the form of fabulous.
Dresscode = VIP: Maybe the dress your friend has asked you to wear is not your color, or maybe you’ve never worn your hair up outside of the gym in your life (a personal example), but guess what. You just have to do it! But with the snags (I mean literal snags if you’re wearing a polyester faux-chiffon bridesmaid gown) come the benefits: Typically as a bridesmaid you’ll get to sit at a cozy head table with the wedding party who you’ve already gotten to know, witnessing the married couple in bliss right after they say “I do!” Another bonus? Your group will be the first to be served dinner and get your champagne glass filled…and refilled!
TLC: A lot of weddings themselves are on the natural and more simplistic side these days, but one thing most brides don’t skimp on is beautiful, old fashioned TLC. Whether there are manicures and massages preceding the bachelorette party or practice blow outs before the rehearsal dinner, your bride is probably going to take care of you in the beauty department.
Photographs: As a bridesmaid, you get to have awesome, professional photos taken of you and your girls! The bride and groom obviously want a mega talented photographer to capture their perfect day, and you get to reap that benefit, too!
Lesson in love: Whether you’re head over heels already or you aren’t a believer at all, being a bridesmaid can be a great way to witness love in action. Through the ups and downs and stresses of planning a wedding, being on the sidelines gives you an inside look into awesome relationships on their way to the altar. By their invitation, you are holding the couple accountable for their love and care for each other for the rest of their lives. (And that’s kind of a big deal.) Being so close to such a huge event is truly a magical experience and something to hold sacred.

Content written by Donna Hoffman. Image from Google Images.

Ghinda Beauty Project: The ladies of The Blowout Bar…


We really wanted to get the perspective of some girls straight from the beauty industry, so we figured, why not talk to our gal pals (and super cute sisters!) Kristin and Kailen from The Blowout Bar? They have collaborated with Ghinda on a photo shoot recently and we fell in love with the concept, their attitudes and their salon–Now we want to get dolled up by them all the time! Anyway, here’s what they had to contribute:



Donna:  Tell us about the moment you girls decided to start a business together.
Both: We’ve always wanted to go into business together. We were just waiting for the perfect idea. We visited our first blow-dry bar a few years ago together and from that moment, we were hooked. Once we saw blow-dry bars opening in other smaller cities, we knew it was time to bring the concept to Columbus. We took a trip to Nashville to visit a blow-dry bar that just had opened there. We decided to move forward with ours on our way home from Nashville. It was nothing but excitement! 

Donna: How does being a small business owner reflect your personality as individuals?
Kristin: I believe being authentic, positive, and fun overlaps into my business life and has become part of The Blowout Bar. 
Kailen: My passion and dedication to something I love and believe in has definitely translated into the business.

Donna: The Blowout Bar collaborates constantly with other local businesses. You even worked on hair for one of our photo shoots! What is the best part about teaming up with others?
Both: We love supporting other small businesses, and Columbus in general. We think that’s what makes this city so special. The willingness to try something new and support each other is something we love and will continue to do. It gives us the opportunity to meet like-minded business owners and continue to learn and grow ourselves!  
Donna: We all have our own ways of dealing with stress. What are some of The Blowout Bar’s suggestions for winding down when things get tense?
Both: Well it’s obvious, but a blowout can change your world! A ten minute scalp massage and a relaxing blowout can really turn a day around. There’s nothing like sitting back and watching a chick flick while sipping on a glass of champagne. We provide all of this at The Blowout Bar, so it’s a one stop shop to wind down or feel better! 
Donna: There are many negative stereotypes about women working together and maintaining an awesome, strong bond. You two are sisters–How does working together effect your relationship?
Kristin: We’ve always been best friends and even growing up, we never fought! We’re very similar, but our differences balance very well together when it comes to the business. Her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. It’s comforting to have your sister by your side every day.

Donna: We love that you play “chick flicks” at your salon! What is your favorite? 
Kristin: Our favorites are constantly playing, but My Best Friend’s Wedding and You’ve Got Mail are my top two!
Kailen: The Notebook is definitely my favorite (even though it usually comes with a few tears!)
Donna: How do you think the idea of pampering oneself and beauty in general has evolved for women over time?
Kristin: Women are starting to care more about styling their hair. 10 years ago, all we did was straighten our hair to get it as straight as we possibly could! Now, there are dozens of styles to choose from and they’re all in style. That’s where we come in!
Kailen: The capabilities of what we’re able to do with our hair without permanently changing it have really evolved. There are so many tips, tricks, and tools out there that are able to transform any hair type or texture into something completely different. Women are learning that their hair can totally transform within a matter of an hour, and will keep that style for the next 2-3 days.
Donna: Inspiration is something that all creatives need, and some days it’s hard to get there. What do you like to do when you need inspiration?
Both: We love following certain fashion and beauty bloggers on Instagram. That’s where we get most of our inspiration and ideas from. Traveling is always a great driving force behind that too!  
Donna: What is the most memorable response you received from a woman who came into The Blowout Bar?
Kristin: I love hearing when women ask our stylists if they can take them home! It’s something I’ve said over and over. 
Donna: Last but not least, what does beauty mean to you?
Kristin: Feeling comfortable and happy.
Kailen: Confidence and smiles!

Photo of the girls pulled from their website See their Facebook page for awesome updates, such as the menu above!

Watercolor logo created by Linzi Rigsby.

Interviewed by Donna Hoffman, Social Media and Event Coordinator at Ghinda Couture Bridal. 

That’s so Columbus…

We recently had the pleasure of shooting at several local businesses around Columbus and we were lucky to be accompanied by the oh-so-talented Stephanie Barnes and her camera. This is the second year we have teamed up with a few of the I Do! Bridal Event vendors to orchestrate a shoot that was beautiful, inspiring, and highlighted some locations that are so Columbus.







Thank  you to everyone involved; We couldn’t have done it without you!
Locations: Igloo Letterpress, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, High Line Car House
Photography: Stephanie Barnes Photography
Hair/Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon
Models: Rachael Schmitt and Chelsea Burgin
Accessories: Jamie Riley/White Truffle Studio

Gowns: Ghinda


Ghinda: Interview

Uploaded recently on Wedding Market’s video channel, this clip shares a little bit about designer Jennifer Kessler’s background and design aesthetic! The footage is from CMH Fashion Week.

I Do! I Do! I Do!

Just a few sneak peek photos of our photo shoot from last week! We cannot wait to share the final photos!!! Read more about the I Do! event, taking place at the High Line Car House in Columbus on February 22, 2014 here!




Thank you!:

Photography: Stephanie Barnes Photography and Raquib Ahmed

Hair/Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon

Models: Rachael Schmitt and Chelsea Burgin

Accessories: Jamie Riley/White Truffle Studio

Gowns: Ghinda


High on Inspirations…

We are collaborating on yet another AMAZING photo shoot next week and felt the desire to share some inspiration with you all! We are teaming up with some incredible local businesses and artists (which will be revealed shortly!) in honor of the I Do bridal event coming up in February.  We are thrilled to be a part of the event again this year and encourage you to check it out! In the meantime, we have some super beautiful grunge-inspired, yet super glamorous hair and makeup inspiration for you…



Walkin’ in a Ghinda Wonderland…

Yesterday, we held a magical little Holiday photo shoot in our studio! No sneak peeks from the shoot just yet, but our inspiration is super classic and beautiful:





We collaborated with The Blowout Bar for hairstyling, Lindsay of Cheek by Lindsay for makeup, Allison Bankieris was our model (she walked in our CMH Fashion Week show!) and Dana Pauly will be our fashion stylist–she writes the fashion blog The Casual Classic (check out her Instagram for some sneak peek behind-the-scenes!)

Thursday is for throwbacks…And being thankful, too!

As the playwright and novelist Thornton Wilder said: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” And we couldn’t agree more! Scientists have even proven that showing gratitude actually leads to better quality of life. And who doesn’t l-o-v-e that?!

So, in the spirit of thankfulness, here are some throwback Thursday images and memories for you all to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who was involved in any of these photo shoots…You all help build the dream, the beauty–and we couldn’t be more grateful. 



Model: Taylor
Photography: Nick Fancher, Shutter Think Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Beth Gibboney Seitz
Jewelry: Peace Love Bride




Model: Kristin Smetanko
Photography: Claire, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Jenna Burchett
Photo Direction: Katie Grace Kissel




Model: Erin Thacker
Photography: Claire Roeth, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann, Make You LLC
Hair: Brittany Hilbert-Stout, Spa at River Ridge

Models: Jenn Rossi, Erin Thacker
Photography: Claire Roeth, Rouxby Photography
Makeup: Leigh Ann Ehmann, Make You LLC
Hair: Brittany Hilbert-Stout, Spa at River Ridge
Photo Direction: Katie Grace Kissel


Models: Jenny Powell, Amy Crandall
Photography: Stephanie Tucker Barnes
Hair and Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon
Accessories: White Truffle Studio
Flowers: Eco Flora Designs
Locations: Virtue Vegan Salon, White Truffle Studio, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Models: Rachael, Erin
Photography: Jessica Price, Bella Valentina Photogrpahy
Hair and Makeup: Sarah, Virtue Vegan Salon
Accessories: White Truffle Studio


Models: Eileah Ohning, Bekah Winske
Photography: Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck, Jojo Photography and Film
Hair and Makeup: Jenna Burchett, Salon Lofts


Models: Jenny Powell, Erin Thacker, Morgan Kauser
Photography: Benjamin Derkin, Derk’s Works Photography
Hair and Makeup: Kelli, Beautimarked by Kelli / Brideface
Accessories: Juliet Carey, Maya’s Curls


The Golden Girls of Ghinda


The gowns of Ghinda are all but typical…just like the girls who wear them. We value your freedom and absolute sunny resolve.  And we desire to work with your romantic femininity, youthful memories, and dreamy plans for the future to help you find your most perfect gown for your most perfect day.

Presenting just four of our beauties from top left, counterclockwise:

  • Athena: For a high-spirited girl who creates her own modern twist on the tradition of romanticism…
  • Helen: A whimsical gown which beams femininity and reflects its’ wearer’s sound energy and power…
  • Mattie: Girls who are free, airy, and playful are a perfect fit in Mattie with its light chiffon and a dancing train…
  • Florence: A bombshell of a gown that is passionate and sultry, but gives its classic girl a structured and glam feel…

And for our girls who desire the road not taken, we can design, cultivate, and create the custom gown of your dreams.