All About the Bridesmaids…

Above, Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids in 1956.

Above, Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids in 1956.

Although I am not yet married—No Rush, here!—I am honored to have been invited to 9 beautiful weddings as a young adult. (Three happened this summer alone!) I have been a bridesmaid in two and a maid of honor in one of those celebrations. I have girlfriends that tell me that they’re jealous because they’ve not yet experienced being a bridesmaid. Well, let me tell you, sisters, it’s no easy feat. It’s a serious once-in-a-lifetime event to dedicate all your positive vibes, thoughts, and most importantly, time to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the honor and privilege that it is to bare witness to loved ones on one of the most meaningful day of their lives. I’m actually kicking off our feature on bridesmaids by saying this: Enjoy it, soak it up, and learn from it.
Here are some fantastic reasons why:
Travel: Some couples decide to get married in their hometown while others decide to head to Napa or Mexico. The bachelorette party could be at Cedar Point or maybe even in Nashville. Regardless, as a bridesmaid you will probably have some travel in your future which typically means super rare hotel and flight perks from the bride-to-be! Not to mention, awesome intimate trips with a small group all for the same purpose. We love that!
Gifts: Let’s be honest…Every gal loves gifts. And although being a bridesmaid isn’t all about great swag, it’s still a perk! Your bride is going to want to say “thank you” in a beautiful way. And since she’s asked you to be a part of one of the biggest days of her life, it’ll probably be in the form of fabulous.
Dresscode = VIP: Maybe the dress your friend has asked you to wear is not your color, or maybe you’ve never worn your hair up outside of the gym in your life (a personal example), but guess what. You just have to do it! But with the snags (I mean literal snags if you’re wearing a polyester faux-chiffon bridesmaid gown) come the benefits: Typically as a bridesmaid you’ll get to sit at a cozy head table with the wedding party who you’ve already gotten to know, witnessing the married couple in bliss right after they say “I do!” Another bonus? Your group will be the first to be served dinner and get your champagne glass filled…and refilled!
TLC: A lot of weddings themselves are on the natural and more simplistic side these days, but one thing most brides don’t skimp on is beautiful, old fashioned TLC. Whether there are manicures and massages preceding the bachelorette party or practice blow outs before the rehearsal dinner, your bride is probably going to take care of you in the beauty department.
Photographs: As a bridesmaid, you get to have awesome, professional photos taken of you and your girls! The bride and groom obviously want a mega talented photographer to capture their perfect day, and you get to reap that benefit, too!
Lesson in love: Whether you’re head over heels already or you aren’t a believer at all, being a bridesmaid can be a great way to witness love in action. Through the ups and downs and stresses of planning a wedding, being on the sidelines gives you an inside look into awesome relationships on their way to the altar. By their invitation, you are holding the couple accountable for their love and care for each other for the rest of their lives. (And that’s kind of a big deal.) Being so close to such a huge event is truly a magical experience and something to hold sacred.

Content written by Donna Hoffman. Image from Google Images.

Who, What, Where, Listen…

photo (2)

Some of us have been contemplating our wedding day for our entire lives. For others, it may be a newer idea.  Regardless, there are so many factors about your big day to plan out.  Maybe it’s the “where” you want to be wed.  For example, an island with white beaches sounds heavenly, or maybe you want to visit Mark Twain’s childhood home for a more casual, literary experience. Then there’s the “who”.  I know some of you are still dwelling on the fact that Prince William is just no longer available.  But we won’t discuss that today. There are even some of us who have our secret pin boards of the ever-important “what”. And the what I’m talking about here is the gown. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive purchase you ever make, it doesn’t have to be the most french (or maybe it does?), or the most white (so many beautiful blush, gray, and even gold options!), but what it does need to be is the  most beautifully fitting, figure-flattering, personality-reflecting perfect gown. I hope we’re all nodding our heads in a “you-go-girl-get-that-perfect-day” fashion right now.

 So, here’s a new factor to consider:  How many of you have thought about what music will be playing at your wedding? Will you walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon? Or will you so-called flashmob it down the aisle? There are so many important parts of a wedding for music: The walk down the aisle, the first kiss. Oh, when the two newlyweds make their exit, their entrance, when they dance together for the first time…It can be just breathtaking. I challenge you to think about your most favorite tunes and where they’d fit in to your day and share them with us!

 Here’s a list of 12 wedding song “Do’s” (old and new) that we l-o-v-e:

  • These Arms of Mine- Otis Redding
  • I’ve Just Seen A Face- The Beatles
  • Mirrors- Justin Timberlake
  • Never Tear Us Apart- INXS, and the cover by Paloma Faith
  • XO- Beyonce
  • Safe and Sound- Capital Cities 
  • Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes
  • At Last- Etta James
  • If It’s The Beaches- The Avett Brothers
  • The Moon Song- Karen O
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie

 All I can say for certain is I really never want to see a bride walk down the aisle to The Drifters’ “There Goes My Baby”. That would be a deal breaker.




Image from Google Images.



Ashley and Alexandria’s!

This weekend we are bringing our gorgeous gowns to Michigan! We are visiting the beautiful boutique Ashley and Alexandria’s!!! This glamorous bridal salon offers brides the most beautiful gown selection coupled with the most memorable gown shopping experience.
Ashley and Alexandria’s is celebrating their 7th anniversary this month!! We are so honored to be a part of their celebration.
We love that they are dedicated to their brides! Everything from service to selection is thoughtfully planned so every bride walking through their doors will feel special!
As the owner, Vinnie has created a beautiful, caring, passionate environment symbolized in the name of her boutique! (Ashley and Alexandria are her two daughters)
We are so excited to be visiting this amazing place for the weekend! Make sure to check out Ashley and Alexandria’s website to make an appointment to try on our gorgeous gowns!!!


Lovely Lavender

As soon as we spoke to Laurel from Lavender Bridal Salon we fell in love with their vision. They are completely focused on building an amazing relationship with every bride who walks through their doors. They are deidicated to making the Lavender experience as beautiful and unforgettable as your big day!

What we love the most about Lavender is their genuine warmth and hospitality. They LOVE what they do, and they do it perfectly! Each member of their team gets what it feels like to be a bride, and they will make sure you feel like the princess you are 🙂

Ghinda is honored to be trunk showing at Lavender Bridal Salon! We will be visiting this lovely boutique on June 14th and 15th! We will be debuting both of our collections and offering every bride a 10% trunk show discount!!!
Take a peek at their website to make an appointment to come see us!


20’s Everything!

So, we are in LOVE with the 20’s…

The entire era, the feel, the makeup, the clothes, the opulence, the everything:) Along with the rest of the world…we are obsessed with Downton Abby, and now we are just as obsessed with The Great Gatsby…if you haven’t seen either…you MUST!!!!!

I got together with one of the best photographers in the city a few months ago and picked her incredibly talented brain about a hoot inspired by Downton and the 20’s era…..Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck came up with an amazing narrative like aesthetic and we went from there.

Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck is the woman behing JoJo Photography and Film. Take a peek at her site and you will see why she is one of the most sought after photographers.

Her photos have an unmistakable quality and precision to them. She knows how to create a picture…if that makes sense?! She has the ability to take a photo whose image will stay in your mind for a very long time.

What I personally love about shooting with Jen is her incredible direction. She takes a shoot and makes it a living breathing story!!!!  Her images tell a creative, delicate, and moving story unlike any you will see. We were so honored to work with her on a collaborative shoot!!!

Here are a few sneek peaks 🙂 More to come on accessories, flowers, and the hair and make up team!!! We want to thank our lovely models Eileah Ohning and Bekah Winske.







Ghinda is making a custom gown for a Mrs. Ohio beauty queen contestant!!!  Katie Grace Kissel will be representing Columbus as Mrs. Columbus in the upcoming Mrs. Ohio pageant!! We are honored to be creating a gorgeous custom gown for this beautiful all-American girl!!! We love hearing her insight on design and aesthetic!

Not only does Mrs. Columbus know her fashion, she is an active participant in the movement to get America back on its healthy feet! As a vegan, she is a healthy believer in getting back to real food!

Not only is this beauty a healthy real food liver, she believes in everything organic and entrepreneurial! She has a business creating home goods on Etsy and contributes to Ghinda’s design team!!! We are so proud to have her on our team! Creativity and strength define this lovely lady!

Watch out Ohio, you have a new beauty queen in town!

kgg              image

The White Dress Co. Bridal Boutique

So, there is the typical bridal boutique and then there is The White Dress Co.  It is the most sophisticated and modern boutique in Columbus! Gorgeous dresses hang from chain linked silver threads, huge full length mirrors catch and dazzle your eye, dark romantic greys surround beautiful brides and happy entourages….welcome to Columbus, Ohio’s hottest new bridal boutique!!!


While The White Dress Co.’s aesthetic is so refreshingly forward, the secret behind this amazing space is Jackie! She owns and runs this gorgeous boutique and she does it beautifully! Every single bride that walks through those doors is treated like a princess.

The entire boutique is dedicated to you and your appointment…that means you get every ounce of attention and all the champagne you want! There is no rush or pressure with Jackie, she wants to make sure every detail of your gown is there…and that you’re in love! If you’re in love….shes in love! The White Dress Co. is not only the trendiest boutique in town, it is the place you will find the experience and the dress of your dreams!!!


Intrigued?! We are too!! Ghinda will be trunk showing here April 12th and 13th!!! We are so excited to be part of the most popular boutique in Columbus!!!!

Check our The White Dress Co. here

Photos by


So just when we thought things couldn’t be more amazing…..Jamie from White Truffle Studio went ahead and blew our minds!!!!!

We participated in her look book shoot yesterday….and WOW!!!!

I’ll let you see:)

Here are some sneakypeekys from our Instagram during the shoot yesterday!!!!

Behindsceneswt behindsceneswt1 behindsceneswt2

Check out this AMAZING new collection at

More photos to come!!!!

Models: Rachel and Erin

Accessories: White Truffle Studio

Hair and Makeup: Sarah from Virtue Salon

Gowns: by Ghinda

Its All in the Hair!

Big curls, braided textures, and gorgeous waves are the three most important parts of looking your most carefree beautiful! Melanie at Virtue Salon does all of this and…..she does it all VEGAN!!!

VeganVegan 2

Our model’s hair looked gloriously tousled through out the entire shoot! Being a part of the getting ready process with Melanie, Sarah, and Teake   at Virtue Salon was AMAZING!!! The salon is so welcoming and unique. You will find hand held mirrors from the 20’s, old perm machines, and these incredible classic beehive dryers!!! Loungey birghtly colored couches and coffee waits for you to relax and enjoy your Virtue experience. The atmoshphere at Virtue is so warm, bright, and happy, each person there is ready to welcome anyone and everyone!!

Not only does Virtue Salon know how to decorate, they know how to make you look stunning!!!

Vegan 3

Dewy skin, and perfectly done makeup complimented our bohemian bride look!

White Truffle 11White Truffle 10Vegan 7

As a bride, you want to look your most beautiful, natural self on your dream day!! You want the love of your life to see you, and you want stunning photos:) the team at Virtue will create a gorgeous look for your day that will complement who you truly are, and give you that brilliant sparkle that is so gorgeous in all of your wedding day photos!


Check out Melanie’s amazing salon here to get to know the Virtue Salon team…you are gauranteed to feel relaxed, welcome, and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Vegan 1 Vegan 6

Vegan 5 Vegan 4


A big thank you to everyone involved!!!

Gorgeousness at White Truffle Studio!!!
Hair and Makeup–Virtue Vegan Salon
Accessories–White Truffle Studio
Photography–Stephanie Tucker Barnes
Flowers–EcoFlora Designs
Models–Amy Crandall and Jenny Powell
Gowns–by Ghinda
Locations–Virtue Vegan Salon, Jeni’s Ice Cream, White Truffle Studio
For the I Do–an Artisan Wedding Event



Heaven is in the Details

As every woman knows, the perfect accessory is the element that transforms a look….a subtle stud, a statement cuff, a perfectly layered necklace…accessoires make your look YOU!

Working with Jamie during our I Do Photoshoot got us so excited about the endless possibilities White Truffle Studio accessories have!! What we love the most about White Truffle jewelry is the high quality and one-of-a-kind feel each piece brings to your look.


Jamie, at White Truffle Studio, hand crafts each unique piece of jewelry. Her studio is this amazing mixture of  everything modern and sophisticated and all  that is timeless and vintage.  Her pieces make a statement, but hold a delicacy that breathes class, elegance, and true style.

White Truffle accessories are the  product of an amazing designer’s impeccable taste. Jamie creates her jewelry to accentuate a woman’s sense of  self and style and.

Your wedding day is all about you and your gorgeous self …White Truffle Studio celebrates YOU:) Click here and fall in love with White Truffle Studio!!

The bohemian inspired head pieces are simply to.die.for.

White Truffle 11


Every gorgeous metal cuff and intricately designed necklace will finish your wedding day look with an effortless brilliance.

White Truffle 10   White truffler 5

White Truffle 8White Truffle 4

A big thank you to everyone who collaborated on this shoot:)

Stephanie Barnes Photography

Hair and makeup by Virtue Salon

Accessories by White Truffle Studio

Flower by EcoFlora Designs

Styling by Jamie Riley

Gowns by Ghinda

Models are Jenny Powell and Amy Crandall

For the I Do Artisan Wedding Event

White Truffle 6