Here Are Your Options! (HAYO!)




Not long ago, before fall hit us here in the Midwest in all its’ damp glory, Nils Root of Hayo stopped in to our downtown studio to interview Jennifer Kessler, head designer and CEO of Ghinda, for their video site. Hayo explores many different career paths–from biochemical engineering to designing couture bridal–and develops these amazing, easy-to-digest, entertaining, and educational videos about said careers. 

I won’t say/write too much more as the videos truly speak for themselves…So please click the link below to see a little bit about Jen’s inspiration and workflow for Ghinda!!


Be Our Guest; Welcoming Carlyn Lynch, creator of Bindu Columbus


Bindu is a monthly event in Columbus that offers people an opportunity to connect more with themselves and meet other amazing people.  The word ‘bindu’ means the quiet power and possibility that exists in a small seed where all creative energy is focused.  These monthly events are small seeds filled with the possibility that exists when passionate, engaged individuals hang out together.

As the creator of Bindu, I could not be more pumped about teaming up with Jen Kessler, Owner & CEO of Ghinda Couture Bridal House, to begin hosting our event in her gorgeous downtown studio.  Together, we hope to build a vibrant, supportive community of awesome people that can strengthen the consciousness and creative power in Columbus.

At every one of our free events, you can expect a short, simple yoga class to clear out the stress and blockages we’re carrying around in our muscles.  After the class, when we’re all feeling a little more open in our bodies and minds, an inspiring voice from our fair city will pour knowledge, insight, and new ideas into the space we’ve just created.  Following the talk, we chill out together and talk about we’ve heard and how it moves or challenges us.

Anyone who is looking for an opportunity for connection, for personal growth or who just wants to have a fun, valuable experience is welcome at our upcoming Bindu Columbus event.  You don’t have to be ‘good’ at yoga or own spandex to get something valuable and unique out of this experience.  Just show up.


Looking forward to meeting, sweating, listening, talking and laughing with you,

Carlyn Lynch
Creator – Bindu Columbus

Event Details
Date: Sunday, October 20th
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Location: Ghinda – 35 East Gay Street, Columbus Ohio, 3rd Floor
Cost: Zilch…It’s free!

Bindu Facebook Page –