The Golden Girls of Ghinda


The gowns of Ghinda are all but typical…just like the girls who wear them. We value your freedom and absolute sunny resolve.  And we desire to work with your romantic femininity, youthful memories, and dreamy plans for the future to help you find your most perfect gown for your most perfect day.

Presenting just four of our beauties from top left, counterclockwise:

  • Athena: For a high-spirited girl who creates her own modern twist on the tradition of romanticism…
  • Helen: A whimsical gown which beams femininity and reflects its’ wearer’s sound energy and power…
  • Mattie: Girls who are free, airy, and playful are a perfect fit in Mattie with its light chiffon and a dancing train…
  • Florence: A bombshell of a gown that is passionate and sultry, but gives its classic girl a structured and glam feel…

And for our girls who desire the road not taken, we can design, cultivate, and create the custom gown of your dreams.


As the Greek Proverb goes, “A heart that loves is always young.” That being said, here is some gorgeous inspiration for our upcoming photo shoot for Columbus Bride Magazine! It’s a beautiful time–Full of youth, beauty, freedom, and love with a small shake of Bohemianism. We are thrilled for our photographic adventure and will keep you updated as the vision unfolds. 






All images obtained from Google.

This One is For The Bridesmaids!

Let’s be honest, how many times have you heard, “Oh, you’ll totally wear that again.”?

Exactly. For those of you who never want to be wrapped up in phony, plastic, poly, we give you two new collections just for the lovely bridesmaids-to-be! We believe this is what you ladies–brides and bridesmaids alike–have been waiting for!

  • Destination Collection: Look beautiful and trendy in our breezy, floaty, cotton-blend colllection presented in perfectly printed fabrics!
  • Rococo Inspired Collection: Luxuriate in the opulent aesthetic reminiscent of the rococo era…with a modern twist!

After the vows, toasts, and dances are over, we all know the next plan of action…Waiting to see the wedding photos, obviously! We believe that our dresses will take your wedding photographs to an elevated level of beauty and sophistication. Ghinda has listened to both brides and bridesmaids to develop something trend-driven, girly, unique, yet cohesive.

Finally, a reason to want to be one of the girls.