20’s Everything!

So, we are in LOVE with the 20’s…

The entire era, the feel, the makeup, the clothes, the opulence, the everything:) Along with the rest of the world…we are obsessed with Downton Abby, and now we are just as obsessed with The Great Gatsby…if you haven’t seen either…you MUST!!!!!

I got together with one of the best photographers in the city a few months ago and picked her incredibly talented brain about a hoot inspired by Downton and the 20’s era…..Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck came up with an amazing narrative like aesthetic and we went from there.

Jennifer Schaaf Osbeck is the woman behing JoJo Photography and Film. Take a peek at her site and you will see why she is one of the most sought after photographers. http://jojophotoandfilm.com/

Her photos have an unmistakable quality and precision to them. She knows how to create a picture…if that makes sense?! She has the ability to take a photo whose image will stay in your mind for a very long time.

What I personally love about shooting with Jen is her incredible direction. She takes a shoot and makes it a living breathing story!!!!  Her images tell a creative, delicate, and moving story unlike any you will see. We were so honored to work with her on a collaborative shoot!!!

Here are a few sneek peaks 🙂 More to come on accessories, flowers, and the hair and make up team!!! We want to thank our lovely models Eileah Ohning and Bekah Winske.







Ghinda is making a custom gown for a Mrs. Ohio beauty queen contestant!!!  Katie Grace Kissel will be representing Columbus as Mrs. Columbus in the upcoming Mrs. Ohio pageant!! We are honored to be creating a gorgeous custom gown for this beautiful all-American girl!!! We love hearing her insight on design and aesthetic!

Not only does Mrs. Columbus know her fashion, she is an active participant in the movement to get America back on its healthy feet! As a vegan, she is a healthy believer in getting back to real food!

Not only is this beauty a healthy real food liver, she believes in everything organic and entrepreneurial! She has a business creating home goods on Etsy and contributes to Ghinda’s design team!!! We are so proud to have her on our team! Creativity and strength define this lovely lady!

Watch out Ohio, you have a new beauty queen in town!

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