The White Dress Co. Bridal Boutique

So, there is the typical bridal boutique and then there is The White Dress Co.  It is the most sophisticated and modern boutique in Columbus! Gorgeous dresses hang from chain linked silver threads, huge full length mirrors catch and dazzle your eye, dark romantic greys surround beautiful brides and happy entourages….welcome to Columbus, Ohio’s hottest new bridal boutique!!!


While The White Dress Co.’s aesthetic is so refreshingly forward, the secret behind this amazing space is Jackie! She owns and runs this gorgeous boutique and she does it beautifully! Every single bride that walks through those doors is treated like a princess.

The entire boutique is dedicated to you and your appointment…that means you get every ounce of attention and all the champagne you want! There is no rush or pressure with Jackie, she wants to make sure every detail of your gown is there…and that you’re in love! If you’re in love….shes in love! The White Dress Co. is not only the trendiest boutique in town, it is the place you will find the experience and the dress of your dreams!!!


Intrigued?! We are too!! Ghinda will be trunk showing here April 12th and 13th!!! We are so excited to be part of the most popular boutique in Columbus!!!!

Check our The White Dress Co. here

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