Our gorgeous destination inspired gown, Helen, would be a perfect fit for this breathe taking piece of paradise!!!


ImageIf you’re hoping to glance at the night sky and actually see stars rather than high rise towers, the Caribbean Court may just be the Florida resort that you’re hoping for! Located on Orchid Island (on the water of Vero Beach FL), the CC is a pristine getaway that is every bit as lushly appointed with nature’s most lovely of plants as the location’s name suggests! As a standout among Florida resorts, The Caribbean Court offers guests beautifully appointed rooms, poolside breakfasts, beach access, extraordinary fine French food at the onsite restaurant Maison Martinique, and a jazzy piano bar (Havana Nights) that provides entertainment and tasty dishes for tourists and locals alike! Unlike the majority of Florida resorts, however, the Caribbean Court is located in a quaint community that invites long beach wanderings, main street meandering, relaxing in beachfront spas, and long delicious (and locally sourced!) dinners. As such, The…

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